Local SEO has two primary focuses; your website and the local business listing in Google and Bing! These online entities not only need to optimized for brands and products, but they also need to be optimized for their local footprint.

Bing Places and Google My Business Profiles for Furniture Stores

Apart from your websites, search engines focus heavily upon the profiles you that are created on their platforms. Since they link to their mapping applications, this is the first and foremost opportunity for you to localize search results.

Contrary to what most people believe, these local listings have very little to do with your website. In fact, you can find many of companies listed in Google’s 3-Pack that do not even have a website. The point is, that this profile that is created can be optimized through techniques that are separate from your furniture website.

How To Get Your Furniture Store Website To Rank in Local Search Results

Your furniture store website ranks the same way all other websites. The only magic bullet is in knowing how your customers search. As complicated as the algorithms are for Bing and Google, they still rely on some basic elements to make their search results.

Search engines read everything on your website. They then index it and categorize the information. There is a lot more that happens than that, but for the purpose of the examples to follow, this will suffice for now.

Know What Furniture Related Keywords People Are Using

Watch how simple the ideas are to follow.

If you carry some popular brands, be sure to dedicate pages to thos brands and don’t be afraid to put a few instances of your city in the written content: This End Up Furniture in Birmingham AL

Can you easily see someone entering this search? Of course. If you hve a page dedicated to this term with 400 words on it, consider how many related searches could be developed from this.

You aren’t tricking the search engines or customers, you are in fact providing highly relevant information and that is exactly what Google is looking for. Google wants to provide the most reliable results to its users and will go so far as to even guess that if you even just searching for This End Up Furniture, then you are probably looking for a local resource.

Often times the consumer will not even need to add in the city modifier. But Google will often factor that in.

Keywords For Furniture Stores

Furniture Store is such a broad keyword term. Unless you offer every style of furniture, it is better to focus your content on what you provide:



Living Room Sets

Coffee Tables

As for user experience, be sure it is clear on your website. As you know, people will oftne be on a mission and their intent is to find a particular piece, such as a Couch. Because of this, they may choose a store because they seem to have a large selection of this particular item.

Getting Carried Away With Furniture Content On Your Website Is Not A Bad Thing

I am about to break a myth. So many businesses that I talk with worry that they will have too many pages on their website. I personally think this is a misinformation campaign propagated by their competitors.

I’ve always had trouble fully understanding this idea, but there it is. They do not wish to overwhelm visitors to their site or think that it is a waist of time. In my mind, if you have had a furniture store for two years and have barely added an additional page to your site, that to me is a waist of time. Imagine how much more content could have been added and all of the searches that landed on the websites of your competition.

If in theory your website went from twenty pages to five hundred in one year, Google and Bing will sort it out. So long as the written content is unique and not copied from the manufacturer or another website on the web, and of course that it is quality.

As for potential customers, as long as it is organized on the website, people will not feel overwhelmed.

This is what we do for our clients. We know the furniture industry and can create quality content that is well organized and that are optimized for search engines. If you’d like to discuss your particular website, feel free to give us a call.