You are Hiring a Coach

Not a life coach, not a business coach, but someone who has years of experience in digital marketing to help you set up your online presence.

You and I will get online together and I will share my computer screen. We will walk through the basics. Some things you will have done already. Other things you may have missed.

You will be shown step by step how to set up and/or improve your website, social media, paid ads and everything else relating to these platforms.

Depending on how aggressive you want the sessions to be, we can get on a conference call once a month or more often at first if you’d prefer. You will see exactly what I am doing throughout the process. I will show you how things are done and explain why. You can ask questions because these one-on-one sessions are for you. I can make recommendations and you can follow up on items that are pointed out once we are finished with our session.

This will allow for you to try improvements on your own time and when we talk again, we can review. If you do run up against technical issues that require more time from me, we can discuss. Just know that the intention of this coaching is to help you feel comfortable taking control of your marketing. Even if your intent is to have someone else managing it in the future.

Whether you are a local business, sell products online, blog about recipes, or provide services to a single industry; I can help.